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Garner Magnet High School
Mission: Empower with Knowledge and Character
Vision: Garner High School is a safe and orderly place where faculty join with the home and community to cultivate skills, attitudes, and talents that prepare every student to graduate and every graduate to succeed, not only in college and careers, but also as informed, responsible citizens who respect diversity, value lifelong learning and lead fulfilling productive lives.


We will provide a safe environment that is characterized by respect and tolerance.
We will seek to build collaborative teacher-student-parent partnerships.
We will involve the community.
We will use creative and interdisciplinary approaches to learning and instruction.
We will provide educational opportunities that prepare all students to succeed.
We will challenge every student while addressing each student's individual learning needs.
We will have a school where students and teachers are excited to learn.
We will promote lifelong learning.
We will model and encourage good citizenship.
Plan Goals:
1. Achievement: By the end of the 2011 – 2012 school year, the four-year graduation rate will increase from 71.8% to 85% as measured by the rate of students graduating in four years.
2. Teacher Recruitement/Retention: By the end of the 2010-2011 school year, teacher will rank conditions at GMHS 4 out of a possible 5 in all 5 areas of the Teacher Working Condition Survey.

School Improvement Team Staff Members:
Jamie Abruzzese
Darla Baker
Amy Bennett
Tad Berube
Paige Bruner (SIP Chair)
James Brantley
Amy Spruill
Alice Verstrat
Kelly Krepelka
Michael Harper